The UnWorkout – what is it?

As with many things in life there are ups and downs. This goes for relationships, jobs, family and health. And as a personal health coach, I had a period of my own ups and downs with health and fitness. The down for fitness began when I started a family and had a major move across the country and began a new job, I was simply exhausted. Any kind of exercise, particularly a traditional, 60 minute workout was the last thing on my mind. I know the amazing benefits of exercise. I preach it everyday. But there was a mental block, accountability and motivation. Over time, the UP side with fitness was when I managed to incorporate every day movements into a rhythm. This wasn't a squat or a lunge or a pushup. It was simply picking up stuff off the...

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Decluttering Fitness

Wow, 15 years in the health and fitness industry and I'm still going strong. I have acquired an abundance of fitness knowledge, exercise skills, professional confidence and "ego jargon". I listened, learned and adapted. My early years as a personal trainer was all about learning "cool" exercises to get people results. They were fancy exercises like the double body ball plankand bosu pushup burpees. I gravitated to other "cool" and very useful pieces of equipment like the TRX and kettebells that I still use today. I also started memorising big technical terms for muscle groups and the functionality of each linked muscle. And I would use this to impress my co-workers, potential clients and my boss. I still use all my knowledge from the past but I have changed and now I get to the point; simplifying fitness with my...

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