Fusing Movements Into Your Daily Habits

My Story

For the past 7 years my life gradually became increasingly hectic. As I was working to improve my fitness business I met this amazing woman who I eventually married. At that point I stopped committing to regular physical activities. Why? All I can do is give a shoulder shrug. Life got in the way. Then another incredible life moment happened — my beautiful daughter was born and the role of father took priority over the gym.

Before I knew it I went from 10% body fat and being able to push almost double my body weight to 19% body fat and struggling to do 20 pushups. That was a sad, sad day when I realized I was close to being a coach potato.
I searched over hundreds of exercise programs to whip my butt back into shape. I even started a few of these quick fix programs but failed at every one.  I never quite captured the motivation to keep going with it. I felt like a workout failure. You probably experienced similar failures. This led me to take to take a closer look at the way a lot of exercise programs were designed. Most routines were designed with the assumption that you are a motivated and committed individual already into a REGULAR routine of working out. Many workouts were fantastic but not for me then and most likely not for you…right now.
I didn’t like the feeling of being a failure. Especially at something I was able to control. I wasn’t looking for a ripped, hard core body. I only wanted my pudginess around my waste to slowly disappear and have consistent energy.

I finally had a mental and physical breakthrough. While I was waiting for water to boil for pasta, I happen to glance at the stove clock and one minute after another I found myself staring at the clock. 5 minutes later, I was still waiting for this big pot of water to boil. “Wow, what a waste of time.”, I though. Then it occurred to me, I could bang out about 20 squats while I wait and maybe march on the spot for 60 seconds. This was my “ah ha” moment. I knew there were others out there just like me. It was neighbor, my childhood buddy, my co-worker and many others. I wanted to share something which was guaranteed to work.  I wanted failure proof system to finally getting results.

The UnWorkout Solution was born. You can get your free copy of the UnWorkout for Beginners here.

An untraditional way which guarantees you success where the fitness industry has failed you. This isn’t a crossfit exhaust yourself until you throw up workout routine. This isn’t a 5min routine for hard rock abs or a lose 20lbs in 5 days unrealistic and unhealthy fat loss program. If you’re looking for shortcuts or a magic motivation pill, keep looking. This is years of struggle and unmotivated setbacks cumulating into one specifically designed paradigm which will break you free from the workout failure cycle! It’s for YOU, who’s tired of failing every conventional online beach body type workout. It’s for YOU, who’s zoned out looking at your screen after a 12 hour day. It’s for YOU, who’s driving back and forth between dance practice, soccer, swim lessons and every other activity your children has an interest in. It’s for YOU, who has let your body slip away from the glory days of slim, toned and feeling awesome! This is for YOU and why YOU won’t FAIL again!

This unconventional movement method is not about the number of workouts you can fit in a week or how long your workout has to be. I’ve created the UnWorkout to fit into your already hectic life schedule. It’s not about creating more time but being creative with the time you have. This is your guarantee to never failing at working out again and finally achieving results!

When you go through my UnWorkout for Beginners, you will not only see your results without a rigid schedule but it will be also sustainable. No more yo-yo weight. No more feeling like a failure when you don’t fit in 5 workouts a week. You’re not alone in your journey. If you’re on social media, like my StayFitAnywhere page.
(https://www.facebook.com/stayfitanywhere/)  and follow me on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/stayfitanywhere/). You will get regular motivational tips and ideas away from the old boring workouts.

Enjoy the UnWorkout for Beginners. It’s finally something which works for you!

You personal coach,
Joe Cheng