Free Training Plans

What’s better than free? Here your 2 free fitness plans. Each one is designed to focus on movements to improve core, cardio, mobility and strength for a complete balanced routine. Every exercise is based on our Top 5 Foundation Exercises. Take the time to review and practice those exercises before beginning any of these routines. We will change up these fitness plans month, so keep checking back.

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Core and Balance Routine
Warm-up Exercise Duration Reps Sets
Front Hip Swings (Beg-Int) (Vid) 30s each leg 0 1
Broomstick Lateral Bend (Beg)

use a towel if you don’t have broomstick
60s 1
Walking Knee Hug (Int) (Vid) 60s 1
Exercise Weight Reps Sets
Pushup (Beg-Int) (Vid) 0 15 2
4 Point Superman (Beg) (Vid) 0 15 2
Plank (Beg) (Vid) 0 60s 2
1 Leg Tracking Horizontal (Int)

make sure you focus and slow it down

0 30s each leg 2
See The Wall Squat (Beg) (Vid) 0 12-15 2
Stretch Exercises Duration/Rep Reps Sets
Stretch – Hip Flexor (Beg) 45s 2
Stretch – Quad (Beg) 45s 2
Stretch – Supine Figure 4 Hip (Beg) 45s 2
Stretch – Standing Hamstring (Beg) 45s 2
Nutrional Tips: Stay hydrated during the entire routine.
Comments: Focus on technique. Practice the top 5 foundation exercises before beginning this routine.


Bodyweight Workout
Warm-up Exercise Duration Reps Sets

Walking Leg Swing (Int) (Vid)


Hip Circles (Beg) (Vid)


Arm Circles (Beg) (Vid)

Exercise Weight Reps Sets

Knee Drive (Beg-Int) (Vid)

work up to 60 seconds


Chair Squat (Beg) (Vid)


Footwork – Hokey Pokey Step (Line) (Int) (Vid)


Glute Bridge (Beg) (Vid)


1 Leg Deadlift (Int) (Vid)

don’t have to use weight.

12 each leg 
Stretch Exercises Duration/Rep Reps Sets

Stretch – Quad (Beg)

60 seconds each leg


Stretch – Half Kneel Twist (Beg) (Vid)

60s each side   

Stretch – Standing Hamstring (Beg)


Stretch – Standing Chest Wall (Beg)


Stretch – Hip Flexor (Beg)

60s each side   
Nutrional Tips: Eat breakfast everyday. Skipping meals will only prevent you from gaining the results you want. 
Comments: Practice each exercise slowly. This will ensure better form and allow the body to adapt to each movement effectively and achieve result much quicker!