Tech or No Tech?


I came across another article I found interesting.  It's not soley about fitness or personal training or online personal training but more about technology and how we're addicted.  With virtually everyone in a developed nation hooked to the hip with a digital device like a blackberry, iphone and the need to facebook, myspace and twitter, can we really live without it?  Don't get me wrong, I'm an advid techy, looking for the latest and greatest gadget and how it can used to improve our online personal training system and jazz up our future personal training studio. But are we so addicted we feel we can't live without our devices being on 24hrs a day.  Take a test, try not being a slave to your device or a social networking site.  You'll find you have a bit more time to focus on...

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Better Living Expo ’09

I attended the Better Living Expo this past weekend at the new convention center.  I've never been to one so really didn't know what to expect.  There were tons of vendors and it included everything from oragnic clothing to orgranic pet snacks to organice alcoholic beverages. Or course, I stayed away from the latter... :) As I was wandering around, I was amazed on how sustainable living has exploded.  Everything was about reducing waste, eating less engineered food, protecting our enviroment and healthy living.  As I started chatting with other vendors about their service and products they started to ask what I did.  So I explained to them the Stayfitanywhere vision.  About creating fitness solutions and using online training technologies to keep our own bodies sustainable.  It was about using less but making a huge impact in our quality of life. ...

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