A Sweet Struggle


For some of you who grew up in the 80's, do you remember the days of the yellowy spongy goodness of a cream filled twinkie? What about the hard crust chocolatey shell of the wagon wheel and of course, one of my childhood favourites, a sugar crust top and an apple and raspberry filled pastry, with a very short and unique name, the Creme and Apple Raspberry Passion Flakie...mmmmmm. I know these sugar bombs are still around but most people that I have come across don't seem to be picking up too many boxes of these treats. This article isn't to debate the good and bad of sugar I'll save that for another post. (Although many health studies have concluded it's the #1 leading cause of obesity). Many of you have expressed the difficulties of eliminating sugar from your daily diet. I love...

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Falling asleep at work? POW, get some energy!


If your work day consists of mainly one position, sitting, then this is for you. You may not know this, but I too used to be one, a cubicle sitter. My day would consist of waking up, driving to work, grabbing a coffee and plopping my butt down in a saggy chair in front of a computer screen (it's probably a similar position you're in right now). Then the rest of my day would consist of getting up a couple of times for boring meetings and maybe lunch. A lot of times lunch wasn't even on my radar, and then the dreaded 3pm nap time bug would kick in. The last two hours of work just dragged and dragged. This sure sounds familiar doesn't it? Keep reading. My upper back would be fatigued from having my head drooping forward, my lower back...

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6 Must Do’s to Prevent the Holiday Bulge


The snow is falling, the hustle and bustle of shoppers are everywhere, Christmas melodies are blaring in every store and holiday party invites are trickling in. Oven roasted turkey, creamy mash potatoes, homemade stuffing, tart cranberry sauce, and delicious hand crafted apple pie....yummmmmy! I love the holidays! Yes, the holidays are finally here but along with the festive atmosphere, there is also the dreaded internal battle of "I want eat everything and please don't pack on those extra pounds!" I have been a personal health and wellness coach for over a decade. I have educated thousands of individuals within the past 12 years. I have encountered this dilemma year after year, wanting to enjoy the delicious treats over the holidays and not feel guilty and stress out over every little thing you consume; in other words: overindulging. Why is this the most...

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Simplifying Fitness


Why did I decide on "simplifying fitness"? Wow, 12 years in the health and fitness industry and I'm still going strong. I have acquired an abundance of fitness knowledge, exercise skills, professional confidence and "ego jargon". I listened, learned and adapted. My early years as a personal trainer was all about learning "cool" exercises to get people results. They were fancy exercises like the double body ball plankand bosu pushup burpees. I gravitated to other "cool" and very useful pieces of equipment like the TRX and kettebells that I still use today. I also started memorising big technical terms for muscle groups and the functionality of each linked muscle. And I would use this to impress my co-workers, potential clients and my boss. I still use all my knowledge from the past but I have changed and now I get to...

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Refocused. Retooled. Reinvented.


Wow, this has definitely been awhile. Hello blogging world... again.  When you lose focus and let things slide, no progress is made. What am I talking about? No, not regular exercising but generating enough motivation to continue to challenge yourself. It's been over a couple of years that I have really put in time and energy into my health and fitness business. And it has suffered and struggled to become successful again. This also parallels my own personal health and physical activities. I would have moments of inspiration and tell myself, "This is the week I get out of this funk and become productive! I am going to do my daily exercise routine, go for my daily walk and stop binge watching cooking shows!" Does this sound eerily familiar? A year later, I'm finally going to complete this blog post, (which I...

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Cliff’s Journey – Rolling his way to pain relief!

Cliff rolling

A few years ago when Cliff did his initial assessment with me, the first thing he desperately wanted was to wake up without back pains. If anyone out there is living with any kind of daily nagging aches, you know exactly how Cliff was feeling. The main point I stressed was stretching. Many times aches and dull pains are caused by tightness of muscles from our regular daily routines. So you may be asking, what is rolling and how does rolling help with pain relief? Rolling is exactly what it sounds like, using rounded objects (foam roller, rolling pins, tennis balls, golf balls, etc.) to roll along fascia lines to break down adhesions. Another way to put it is, finding the really tight knots in your body and putting pressure on those trigger points. Similar to the experience of a...

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Fitness Vacation with Eat Play Love Fitness


Sun, rain, wind, calm waters, you can find every weather condition on the same day on the Sunshine coast. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing this natural piece of beauty and was invited to come along a fitness vacation. Simone Lovell, owner of Eat Play Love Fitness, books 5 star fitness vacations not only along the Sunshine Coast but throughout British Columbia. This time we were at Pender Harbour at the Painted Boat. Each day was packed with activities and meals structured to maximize the most out of each vacationer. Simone had certified personal trainers, myself and Martin who trains over at Target Fitness, to help instruct and keep everyone motivated. From cardio bootcamp circuits and challenging hikes to myofascial release and hot tub soaking. Each participant was educated and fully exhausted at the end of the day....

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Work Life…the cycle


If your work day consists of mainly one position, sitting, this is for you. Some of you may not know, that I use to be one of those individuals. The day would consist of waking up, driving to work, grabbing a coffee and plopping my butt down in a comfy chair infront of a computer screen. Probably exactly what you're doing right now. Then the rest of my day would consist of getting up a couple of times in the morning to go to a meeting where I would sit again. A lot of times, lunch wasn't even on my radar and right around 3pm, my brain and body was telling me it was nap time. The last two hours of work just dragged and dragged. If this is you, then keep on reading. After years and years of repetitiveness,...

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Olympian Inspirations!


Well it's been over a week since the Olympics have ended. What a fantastic two weeks it was for me. I attended multiple hockey games, mainly the Canada games. If you've never been to an international hockey game with your home country playing, there is nothing else like it. The atmosphere, the energy and anticipation from the time they step on the ice for the warm ups till the final buzzer goes. It's an experience that is indescribable. Just imagine all the years these athletes have trained, all the sacrifices, all the excuses they could've come up with to not reach their goals, but they were determined and motivated and in the end were on the biggest stage. Along the way, I'm sure they had plenty of personal trainers and advice and suggestions on what they should be doing. Somewhere...

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8000 Calorie Burger…wow


I recently had a friend send me a youtube clip.  I honestly wasn't suprised after viewing it.  The funny thing is, people know better, but yet, a place like this exists for a reason.   However, I'm pretty sure most individuals who go to his joint probably aren't regulars and probably don't order the "Quad" burger.  Take a look at the youtube video YouTube. Imagine trying to burn 8000 calories during one workout.  If an average person person burns 1000 calories hiking the Grouse Grind, that would make this a very very long day.  For most of us who don't consume 8000 calories in one sitting and are still encountering obstacles to shed the excess fat, we have some very easy solutions. They are found in our new eBook, 12 Keys to Fat Loss, a simple guide to weight reduction....

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