6 Must Do’s to Prevent the Holiday Bulge


The snow is falling, the hustle and bustle of shoppers are everywhere, Christmas melodies are blaring in every store and holiday party invites are trickling in. Oven roasted turkey, creamy mash potatoes, homemade stuffing, tart cranberry sauce, and delicious hand crafted apple pie....yummmmmy! I love the holidays! Yes, the holidays are finally here but along with the festive atmosphere, there is also the dreaded internal battle of "I want eat everything and please don't pack on those extra pounds!" I have been a personal health and wellness coach for over a decade. I have educated thousands of individuals within the past 12 years. I have encountered this dilemma year after year, wanting to enjoy the delicious treats over the holidays and not feel guilty and stress out over every little thing you consume; in other words: overindulging. Why is this the most...

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Simplifying Fitness


Why did I decide on "simplifying fitness"? Wow, 12 years in the health and fitness industry and I'm still going strong. I have acquired an abundance of fitness knowledge, exercise skills, professional confidence and "ego jargon". I listened, learned and adapted. My early years as a personal trainer was all about learning "cool" exercises to get people results. They were fancy exercises like the double body ball plankand bosu pushup burpees. I gravitated to other "cool" and very useful pieces of equipment like the TRX and kettebells that I still use today. I also started memorising big technical terms for muscle groups and the functionality of each linked muscle. And I would use this to impress my co-workers, potential clients and my boss. I still use all my knowledge from the past but I have changed and now I get to...

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Refocused. Retooled. Reinvented.


Wow, this has definitely been awhile. Hello blogging world... again.  When you lose focus and let things slide, no progress is made. What am I talking about? No, not regular exercising but generating enough motivation to continue to challenge yourself. It's been over a couple of years that I have really put in time and energy into my health and fitness business. And it has suffered and struggled to become successful again. This also parallels my own personal health and physical activities. I would have moments of inspiration and tell myself, "This is the week I get out of this funk and become productive! I am going to do my daily exercise routine, go for my daily walk and stop binge watching cooking shows!" Does this sound eerily familiar? A year later, I'm finally going to complete this blog post, (which I...

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