Working out isn’t just working out.

It’s march already!!  A quarter of the year is almost done.  And within this last quarter I have been training a client of mine in his mid 50’s for proper body movements, balance and strength and training his body parts to work in tandem.  Like how our bodies are suppose to work, together as one unit.   This also helped him relieve pain in his lower back and neck and improved his overall posture.  So after progressing through hours of footwork, reaction time, coordination, linked muscles systems, and improved cardio endurance, we had our first match of racquetball.  I myself, as Josh noted in his blogs, am not the most experienced of players, although, I’m sure a few more times at the court and who knows…although, I only play to about 80% of my potential…

My client and I had a fantastic time.  He had a full body workout without touching one weight or counting one rep.  We had a training session utilizing all the work he has done in the past few months and he was ecstatic to feel and see with his own eyes his progress.  He has never played raquetball and being able to move quickly, turn and pivot gave him a sense of accomplishment.  I believe keeping fit doesn’t just mean going to the gym, lifting weights, doing yoga stretches and running on treadmills.  Those are all great activities but also having different fitness activities, keeps it more exciting and that will keep you focused on your active lifestyle.  So the next time you feel the drag of going to the gym, switch it up, play a sport that you’ve never played before.  If you’ve been training with a trainer, put all the education in to good use. 

~joe – BCS, PTS, TCC1

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