Who knew pulling dandelions from the lawn will sculpt your body and shred those love handles?

Household chores like gardening never receive any credit in the world of gym goers, crossfitters and wannabe weekend warriors. But that’s ok, I’m going to stick up for the mom and pop amature landscaper, the busy dad weekend weed picker and all the other 10 pruners and shearers I see around my neighbourhood and I’m one them. Gardening is a wicked workout or as I’d like to classify it, an UnWorkout. Gardening isn’t structured like a workout with reps, tempo, duration or load progression like traditional workout programs. It’s simply moving around, squatting, yanking, thrusting, tossing, turning and sweating. And in the end you it’s a win win combo. You stay fit and enjoy a weed free garden.

An hour of hardcore gardening could burn more calories than an hour running on the treadmill or an hour of pushing weights at gym. I’m not knocking any of those other exercises or workouts. I’m emphasizing there are many ways of staying fit without neglecting your regular routines and responsibilities.

Squats being performed anywhere.

I’m starting a vegetable garden and I will provide updates on all the ways I will stay fit when I’m outside tending to the garden and my surrounding landscape. Join my mailing list below for all the goodies.

Joe Cheng – Personal Online Wellness Coach

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